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This website helps you to select the best next video game to play. It uses an interactive recommendation engine, called ProbQA (Probabilistic Question Asking system). In each step of your game search the engine lists the top recommendations for you given your answers to previous questions. The more questions you answer, the better should be the recommendations. However, if you want to try a different set of answers to the questions, click "Start new quiz" on the main page . To pick the best games for you the system takes into account both your individual preferences, as well as the top video games which the other users like the most. So you can look here for the best games tailored to your implicit gamer profile. This approach should be superior to just the simple suggestion of a similar game because you can figure out something novel that you will like nevertheless you have never played anything similar earlier. So whatever kind of user you are, it is easy to pick a game and with our site you will never more have doubts on what game to play next.
In contrast to the previous game search and recommendation engines, ProbQA can suggest the next game to play for a user even if the user doesn’t have any clear understanding or keywords to search for, cannot define his/her preferences, cannot name similar games, etc. Please, look at the whole list of video game suggestions, rather than just a few games on the top of the list, even if they have high probabilities. Many games have high prior probabilities, so when you don't answer many questions, they appear in the top because the engine lacks information. The question selected in each step is the best distinguishing question among the current highly-ranked games. So the system tries to split the games on record into more or less equal groups, each group corresponding to an answer to the current question.

Data Collection

Please, note that this program in collaboration with 3rd-party programs collects the information about your activity on the website, and uses cookies. So if you don't want your activity to be recorded and shared without limitations, please, close this browser tab or window.

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